Conference Curriculum

The San Diego Youth Leadership Conference is designed around the three main focal topics of Leadership, American Heritage, and Free Enterprise. We incorporate a variety of Speakers, Hands-on Activities, Practical Application, and Team Building Exercises that give the students information in a variety of forms and formats. This design is meant to help students of any learning style, and to reinforce information learned in one form putting it to use in another form. Our Curriculum is divided into a four-day program beginning with an all-student Orientation, and culminating in an awards ceremony on the final day.

Day 1


Patriotic Group Team Building

Motivational Speaker

Effective Communication

Leadership Exercises

Great American Republic Experiment

Day 2

Declaration of Independence Signers

United States Constitution Group Work

Introduction to the United States Government

Bill of Rights

Current Issue Debate

Historic Flags Presentation

The Great Leadership Race

Arlington National Cemetary

Historical American Leadership Decisions

American Heritage Game Show

Day 3

Leadership Challenges

Leadership Ethics

Community Leader Panel

Mock Trial

Field Day Activities

Patriotic Group Leadership Presentations

Introduction to Free Enterprise

Day 4

Mock City Council

Free Enterprise System Excercise

Free Enterprise Presentations

Motivational Speaker

Awards Ceremony